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Volume 2 / Issue 3  July 2021



Finally, after several months of closure we received directions allowing us to open our doors to visitors. It is a great feeling to once again meet people with a keen interest in the history or those who have just had the opportunity to discover the story.

Our annual Official Gimli Glider Day, July 23rd. falls on Friday this week and we are thrilled to unveil our latest acquisition and the story behind the artifact. The 1st Observer’s Chair from the cockpit has a connection with that evening’s events. It is likely to be the last significant piece of the famous Fin 604 that can be retrieved.



Pandemic regulations for large gatherings are anticipated to remain in place for a number of weeks to come, barring another increase in hospitalizations. We are hoping to have our large gathering for a Fundraising opportunity this fall. Please keep visiting our website and or Facebook for the news on a development about a special event.




The three words above have been our Motto since our original Committee was established.  They set a clear vision that continually guides us on the experience we offer to our visitor.





What’s planned? We are pleased to offer one or two evenings with Capt. Pearson in our Exhibit area with only 12 guests at each event. This will give the participants a rare opportunity to spend time with him and answer questions you have always wanted to ask and hear him speak of the 1983 event as it unfolded.

Additionally, Capt. Pearson will be your personal co-pilot in the Simulator Experience while you attempt to land the plane under the same conditions the crew was facing. A souvenir from this special evening will be given and photos with Capt. Pearson will be allowed. Cost for the evening event would be $150 per person. The date is to be announced as the restrictions are eased, with good notice. If you have an interest in attending, please email us at, provide your contact information. The first 12 quests to remit their fee, after we confirm date and time with a notice back to the list, will be confirmed for attending and provided their personal “Boarding Pass” for the date. Additional details will be provided when the date is confirmed.

NEW “NEWS”: Gimli Glider Endowment Fund becomes a Reality

Our local Westshore Community Foundation has advised us of the interest of a local couple wishing to establish our Manitoba Endowment Fund. This generous offer will secure our beginning stages with the development of a fund that continually earns income through each and every year as the Fund grows with donations

Endowment Funds are most important to charitable operations which rely on the support of the public. Those that value the presence and relativity of organizations contributing to education and entertainment in a community, often support through Endowment Funds. Funds ensure donors their support will be an ongoing gift to sustain the operation of the Gimli Glider because it provides annual revenue on the fund value. We appreciate the demonstrated confidence and interest toward the GGE remaining as a Canadian and local attraction. All donations over $20.00, to the Gimli Glider Exhibit, receive a federal tax receipt.


On another important note, please take a look at the latest news on the construction of a new home for the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada, Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada . It details their construction progress and recent acquiring of the restored STARFIGHTER for their display.

Capt. Pearson and other pilots who attended the 2019 Fundraiser visited the Starfighter aircraft and admired the results of the years of hard work that restorer Steve Pajot dedicated to this sleek fighter jet.

Now that all Museums are allowed to re-open the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum (CATPM), Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum & RCAF WWII Memorial – Dedicated to the plan for training air force personnel for the Commonwealth in WWII (, in Brandon Manitoba, is also open for visits from aviation fans. All three Manitoba Aviation Museums have their own unique history to present to the visiting public.


DID YOU KNOW?......................

Every Newsletter we will publish a lesser known fact about the world famous Gimli Glider Event. Many of these “factual tidbits” are found within the Exhibit. This month we will take the opportunity to introduce our readers to more of our local colourful aviation history.

Some of our information regarding the fuselage comes from the varied interests of our guests, or their connection with the history and aviation.

Such was the case for our artifact – the fuselage door for the Ram Air Turbine.

The commonly referred to “RAT” played a major role in the skilled landing of the Glider. The RAT on display to much interest of visitors, is accompanied by the actual fuselage door. It is placed on the wall just behind the system. An employee of the Winnipeg plant that produced the Boeing RAT doors was very pleased to see the recovery of the item as it was manufactured in Winnipeg. He mused “hmmm, i wonder if I was part of this one being produced”? We also have had people look at the identification marks for the assembly personnel on the inside of the Three Window Panel from the fuselage, to see if they were on the production line for the C-GAUN Fin 604. The hundreds of identifying number systems on an aircraft are there for a reason. Why? To identify the part and the location on a plane and who the assembly personnel were at the time of aircraft proceeding through the manufacturing line. Or so we are informed by them.

What to watch for next on this website:

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     .  The expanding visitation numbers allowed within the Exhibit

     .  New souvenirs from the metal from 604

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